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Sarum Jewellers is known as much for our incredible service as for our stunning jewellery. We offer a selection of carefully chosen extra services that make us more than just a typical Jewellery Store.

Design Your Own Jewellery

                                          Remodel your jewellery or part exchange it for something new.

                                                Jewellery redesign by your local family run Jewellers.

Arcade Jewellers and their other four stores offer clients the opportunity to trade in old jewellery, in any condition. Fashions and tastes change and people like to change their jewellery. Unlike most things, precious jewellery is 100% recyclable and can be remade over and over again. 

As independent jewellers, they have professional goldsmiths on site repairing and providing diamond upgrading services. They have a passion for jewellery design.

Some clients have a piece of inherited jewellery remade, creating a new ring or pendant but with the original gemstones and diamonds. This enables them to have something wearable for today's busy lifestyle. Other clients prefer to upgrade their diamonds in size and quality or choose something new.

The jewellery experts help you explore gems, diamonds and precious metal options to find something to your taste and budget. Their incredibly well stocked workshops have sourced stones from all over the world as well as locally sourced preowned stones. They can supply the finest quality diamonds but can also find diamonds and gemstones for a modest budget.

Jewellery upgrade stages

Step 1. Carefully sort through your jewellery, decide which pieces you would like to upgrade, remodel or part exchange. Choose features or gems you would like to keep, perhaps for sentimental value.

Step 2. Locate the closest of our five stores. Arcade Jewellers, Christchurch Jewellers, Dorchester Jewellers, Sarum Jewellers or Torquay Jewellers. Visit the store with your pieces.

Step 3. The experienced staff will value your items for the part exchange.

Step 4. Choose a piece of replacement jewellery from our range of new and preowned jewellery or speak to an expert to design your custom made piece. Talk about the features or gems you would like to include in the design. They will listen to your ideas, sourcing stones and metal for your budget and your agreed price.

Step 5. The workshops will recycle your old jewellery and make your new design with precision to your agreed specifications. Ordering in new stones as required. This project normally takes from four to six weeks. 

Step 6. Finally, you attend for a final fitting before taking your bespoke piece of jewellery away with you to enjoy.

A major factor differentiating this business from its competition are the repair services ( with it's workshop upstairs on the premises ). The staff are experienced in all aspects of jewellery, from matching a lost antique earring, to bringing a customer’s unique design to life. As well as undertaking cleaning and repairs to most jewellery items, we undertake the resetting of gemstones; soldering broken chains, re­sizing of rings, replacing clasps, complete restorations including antique items, all carried out in this business’s fully fitted workshop.

Our repair service which has a brilliant reputation employs four craftspeople ( instead of sub­contracting ), This guarantees a timely and efficient service that is so rare in today’s world.

This includes qualified and lifetime career experienced goldsmiths, silversmiths and a platinumsmith. 

Unusually for a high street jeweller we stock a range of loose gemstones and also can obtain any gemstone of any size or colour via our enviable network of worldwide sources. With tastes continuously changing and fashions evolving, this business can redesign and re­model jewellery or rings into another style or concept to create a unique piece in unison with yourself. Produced either on the premises or by specialist casters and setters in Hatton Garden to your exact specifications.​


We also offer: 

  • Pearl and bead re-threading & engraving.

  • Catches & fastenings.

  • Polishing and plating Re-rhodium for worn white gold.

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